Constance A. Burns Provides Life-Enhancing Assistance to U.S. Veterans

March 8th, 2011

Cambridge Who's Who Member Constance A. Burns

The National Association of American Veterans, Inc. (NAAV) is a nonprofit organization founded by Cambridge Who’s Who® Member Constance A. Burns. The organization provides emergency funds, counseling, training, employment and housing assistance to service members and veterans who have served and continue to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Since the organization’s launch in the District of Columbia in 2005, Ms. Burns and her staff have assisted service members, disabled veterans and severely wounded soldiers, and their dependents, by helping them obtain and access their due benefits, and advocating for their rights.

Currently, hundreds of combat veterans are being treated in hospitals for physical injuries, brain trauma and psychological distress. Faced with the hurdles of recovering from their injuries, soldiers and their families often feel overburdened and daunted by a system that is difficult to navigate. These servicemen find that they lack the needed support mechanisms to help them cope and recuperate from the trials they face upon their return home.

In addition to the recovery challenges veterans battle, many families must endure other changes, including loss of employment, bankruptcy, homelessness, divorce and suicide, among others. “We owe it to those who have risked their lives in servicing this great country [to provide them with] the care and services they so richly deserve and [have] earned,” acknowledged Constance Burns.

NAAV supports the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the U.S. Department of Defense in caring for the nation’s military veterans and their families. The organization has taken the responsibility of improving communication and collaborating with veterans associations, health agencies, medical professional organizations, educational organizations, and the public, in support of veterans, their families and military caregivers.

To help generate residual income for its programs and services, NAAV has partnered with Viridian Energy, an electrical utility provider that offers renewable energy to residential and commercial customers across the nation. A provider of “greener” electricity, Viridian customers have the option to choose between products that deliver 20 percent renewable energy or 100 percent renewable energy.

Viridian Energy has also created a fundraising program with NAAV to help its constituents save on electricity bills while raising money for the organization. For every NAAV supporter who signs up with Viridian, a percentage of the proceeds generated is donated to the organization each month for as long as he/she is a Viridian customer. NAAV constituents interested in switching their electrical providers in support of U.S. veterans and soldiers, or wish to obtain additional information, can visit for more information.

As a former veteran service officer, Constance Burns has more than 20 years of experience in providing volunteer services to those who have served and are serving in U.S. Armed Forces around the world. She earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Arts in secondary education and history from the University of Alabama in Birmingham with additional doctoral fellowship course work completed at Carnegie-Mellon University, and the University of Pittsburgh in history and curriculum development.

In addition to her work at NAAV, Ms. Burns has co-authored three publications: “Stella’s Girl: The Autobiography of Captain Evelyn Decker, a World War II and Korean War Veteran” (2008), the “Quick Series Guide to Healthy Caregiving” (2008), and “The U.S. Army’s First, Last, and Only All-Black Rangers: The 2d Ranger Infantry Company (Airborne) in the Korean War, 1950-1951” (2009). Her contributions to the latter two earned her honors and recognition from Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander of U.S. Forces-Afghanistan, and Gen. William E. Ward, head of the U.S. Africa Command. Ms. Burns has also sponsored several documentaries about African Americans throughout military history. Furthermore, Ms. Burns has served as an adviser for: the National World War II Reunion; D-Day to France and a Salute Parade to WWII veterans (2004); the President’s Commission on Care of America’s Returning Wounded Warriors (2007); and the Task Force on Mental Health and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder of those returning from Afghanistan and Iraq (2007).

Constance Burns values the honorable and selfless service of our nation’s service members and disabled veterans. She aspires for NAAV to be a leader in advocating for the needs of U.S. soldiers and their families.
For more information about the National Association of American Veterans, Inc., please visit You may also view this informational brochure.

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