Silvia Abarrategui’s Book Explores Late 20th Century Cuban Counterintelligence Culture

April 6th, 2011

Set against Fidel Castro’s Cuban regime, “Innocent Betrayal” explores the hidden currents of Cuban counterintelligence during the 1970s and 1980s. Authored by Cambridge Who’s Who® Member Silvia Abarrategui, the romance and suspense novel centers on protagonist Tania Bausada, who is recruited by the Cuban secret police to perform a covert mission: to spy on Victor Villareal, a key personnel member for one of Castro’s special projects who is suspected of being a CIA agent.

Sent by the secret police, Cuban agent Alex Estevez uses his charms to destroy Tania’s marriage to a top Castro aide in order to influence the novel’s heroine to spy for them. Alex unexpectedly develops feelings for Tania, resulting in the two having an affair. The union is short-lived when the secret police begin to suspect the affair, and force Alex to abandon the relationship and disappear.

In the midst of this love affair is Victor Villareal, who later wins Tania’s heart and trust. After innumerable obstacles, Victor and Tania escape from the Cuban authorities to Miami. Their love, however, is later tested when Victor insists on returning to Cuba. A fortuitous re-encounter with Alex forces Tania face a decision that will affect the rest of her life.

“Innocent Betrayal” is a novel that will sweep readers from the calamities of Cuban reality and the opulence of Havana’s diplomatic corps to the ruthless nature of the Cuban secret police. Betrayal and love intertwine in the hostile ambiance of an island torn by revolution.

About the Author
Silvia Abarrategui split her childhood between Havana, Cuba and Washington, D.C., where she lived until her grandmother took her back to Havana to complete her education. She graduated from the University of Havana in 1977 with a professorship in English. A year later, she returned to Miami with her husband. First published in Spanish in 2001, “Innocent Betrayal” is Silvia Abarrategui’s first novel; it was published in English in 2010. ”Innocent Betrayal” can be purchased through Silvia Abarratequi’s website, or through or

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