Paul Oakenfold has a Prolific Career in the Electronic Music Industry

With a Successful Label, Nonstop DJ Gigs & Music Productions for U2 and Madonna,

CWW Lifetime Member Paul Oakenfold is a Top Music Industry Tastemaker

Superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold is a Lifetime Cambridge Who's Who Member

Anyone who has witnessed Paul Oakenfold in action has experienced the talents of a top-notch celebrity DJ. He has discerning ears, precise technical skills and the wisdom that only comes from having spent more than two decades manning the decks. Additionally, Paul has captured the imaginations of many through his release of numerous successful singles, remixes, DJ mix compilations and film scores.

Early in his life Paul became inspired by his father, who was also a musician. He started out spinning 70s funk and soul records. Just before he achieved fame as a DJ, he trained extensively as a chef. In fact, Paul is a graduate of the Westminster Technical Culinary Institute and a certified specialist in French cuisine. Fast forward to early 2011, he confused patrons at The Palms Casino & Resort in Las Vegas — where he DJs regularly — as he also served as guest chef at Nove Italiano alongside Geno Bernardo.

Two life-altering experiences pushed Paul down the path to certain success. The first was his stint as an A&R agent for London-based Champion Records, which provided him with the opportunity to sign powerhouse acts such as DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, and Salt-n-Pepa. At around the same time, he acted as a representing agent to the Beastie Boys and Run D.M.C. By bringing hip-hop across the pond, Paul helped to drastically alter the region’s musical climate.

In 1987, years before electronic dance music became a global, mainstream phenomenon, Paul took a trip to Ibiza and visited the island’s staple nightclubs including Amnesia, where he experienced the music on a large scale. The genre was simply known as Balaeric style, which spoke more about the music’s origins on the Balearic Islands than anything else. The following year, Paul started his own imprint, Perfecto Records. The label has since released a string of hugely successful singles, including “Southern Sun,” “Starry Eyed Surprise” and “Not Over Yet.”

In the past 20 years, Paul’s relevance has not waned. A Cambridge Who’s Who lifetime member since spring of 2011, he continues to amaze crowds with his eclectic blend of lush trance, breaks and progressive house. In 2008, he took the stage alternating with fellow acts Robyn, Benny Bennassi and Bob Sinclar, opening for Madonna on her Sticky and Sweet tour.

With all things considered, not many have attained the commercial success that Paul Oakenfold has. He attributes his achievement to his hard work, dedication and keen understanding of his trade. It is this comprehension that stems from his years on the inside, maneuvering through an industry that is infamous for its elitist nature.

For the past three years, Paul has firmly replanted his club DJ roots with Planet Perfecto, his residency at Rain Nightclub Las Vegas at The Palms. The intricate show boasts 75 circus performers, and a powerful audiovisual show with special effects. Each engagement draws crowds of 3,000 in search of an unforgettable experience.

Paul, who has earned two Grammy nominations for his musical works, has also ventured into film scoring. He has provided original scores for big motion picture productions including  “Nobel Son,” “Collateral,” “Swordfish,” “The Matrix Reloaded,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Die Another Day,” “Planet Of The Apes,” “The Bourne Identity” and “Shrek II.” He is a member of PRS for Music, BMI and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. Upcoming, he will release an all-new artist album. Titled “Pop Killer,” the full-length will feature guest appearances from the likes of big talent including The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Gnarls Barkley, OneRepublic and B.O.B.

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