Cambridge Who’s Who Member Cindie Miller Tells a Story “Stranger Than Fiction”

Cambridge Who’s Who member Cindie Miller, a drama and English teacher at the Parker Unified School District in Parker, Arizona and a published author, is promoting her “truth is stranger than fiction” novel, based on her real-life encounters with a man who lied about being a government agent. Since then she has participated in numerous interviews and will be making public appearances in the coming months to share her story and discuss her experiences as a domestic violence survivor and talk about writing the book.

Originally planned as a memoir, “Ask Me No Questions” tells the story of Stephani Stevenson– someone who enjoys living a life of privacy– only to discover that she has been duped by Victor Charles Brian, who falsely claimed to be a CIA operative to apprehend her. When she uncovers the truth, Brian threatens her life and she realizes she must find a way to escape from his grasp. She eventually flees with her children, knowing that she could be found at any time.

When presenting her novel to publishers, Ms. Miller was told that the story was “too hot,” so she retooled it as a fiction novel. The book has been an unexpected hit among teen girls and it sends a message for them to stand up and protect themselves from domestic violence. She hopes to make the book available in libraries across the country. Presently, the book can be purchased on or through the Publish America Website.

In addition to promoting her writing, Ms. Miller also uses her speaking engagements to share her firsthand experience with domestic violence. She considers herself to be an advocate for victims of abuse and has held speaking engagements in several venues, reaching an array of audiences including high school and college students as well as medical professionals, social workers and religious organizations.

However, her real passion is talking about the creative process behind writing. She says that writing “requires concentration and yet an opening, a letting go, of the logical mind. It requires skill and a willingness to break the rules, to think outside the box. Writing, and all art, is constantly evolving, so what is accepted today may be passé tomorrow.” Her dream is to teach writing at the university level and to develop a “community of writers” who respect and embrace the process.

Cindie Miller lives in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Born in Northern California “when people relied on people and technology as we know it today was only imagined by the likes of Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov,” she once aspired to become an actress and performed in several community theater productions.

For more information about her, or to book an appearance, please visit Cindie Miller’s Website ; also, follow her blog at

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