Cambridge Who’s Who Lifetime Member Marcelle Lee Tomlinson

August 5th, 2009

Cambridge Who’s Who Lifetime Member Marcelle Lee Tomlinson Publishes Book

lee_tomlinson_book-_cover_image1Cambridge Who’s Who lifetime member Marcelle Lee Tomlinson is the author of A Precious Life: How I Survived Being Sexually Abused and Stalked. Ms. Tomlinson wrote A Precious Life as an autobiography and also as an educational medium. It tells the story of how good things can come out of tragic events and how Ms. Tomlinson emerged from a dire situation as a stronger, more self-reliant person.

Due to the level of turmoil and distraction caused by her parents’ divorce and her family’s domestic issues, nobody recognized her cries for help. With no one to turn to, she began abusing alcohol to numb her pain and sank into a deep depression. Then, at the age of thirteen years old, Ms. Tomlinson lost a very close friend to suicide, which caused her depression to spiral out of control. To make matters worse, another family friend who was twenty years her senior, subsequently molested, stalked and psychologically tormented her. He even went as far as driving her school bus so he could inject himself into her life as much as possible.

A Precious Life is centered on Ms. Tomlinson’s painful past and how she began the healing process. After many years of counseling and prayer, she feels that she is no longer a victim, but a survivor. With this book she hopes to educate parents about the signs and symptoms of abuse as well as the tactics that predators use to lure and control their targets. Readers will gain insight into the world of abuse and be better prepared to prevent it from happening to their loved ones or help those who are afflicted by it.

Ms. Tomlinson currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and three Labradors. She is a registered nurse with experience in oncology, critical care, behavioral health, nurse management and home health care. She received her nursing degree in 2001 and has completed coursework in psychology. Ms. Tomlinson speaks at seminars on child abuse and molestation; she is dedicated to informing parents about the tell-tale signs of abuse, so that their children will not have to endure the same trauma that she experienced.

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